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    Hey guys! I miss my WebOS device! I still have my Pre- on Sprint but I am not on ATT. (Service is A LOT FASTER AND BETTER!)

    SO I am currently in the market for a fun phone. Im looking for something cheap to be honest. I'm just looking for one of the following...

    Palm Pixi -/+ (Either one will work)
    Palm Pre -/+ (EIther one will work)
    HP Veer

    So if any of you ATT folks got anything laying around PM me. Maybe we can work something out! I will check my inbox and this thread through out the day!

    Thanks a lot guys!

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    pm sent
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    pm sent back!
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    Not to take business away from anyone here, but newegg is selling gsm pixi plus for $70ish. I don't remember if the were new or refurb, just sharing.

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