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    Hello all!
    I have several items I'd like to sell:

    -1 year old Visor Prism upgraded to 16mb of internal memory, and brand new rechargable battery installed 1 month ago. My Prism is in excellent shape, in fact it is better than new (with the upgrade)!! I have always used screen protectors and kept my Prism in a case. I have the original box, software, USB Charging cradle, leather slip case, and all packaging that came w/ the prism.

    -EyeModule 2 digital camera module, in excellent condition with original software and metal box that the module was packaged in. This camera will take 160x120 size or 640x480 sized photos or 1 minutes worth of video with the upgraded Prism I am selling. You can view some photos I've taken' w/ this EM2 camera at:

    -Stowaway Keyboard, in perfect working condition and original software. -There are a few minor scratches in the metal, not dents.

    -Xircom 56k modem module, in perfect working condition. Comes bundled with several softare programs used for browsing the web and sending email. This module is great for sending and recieving emails from hotels while on the road!

    -Innopocket Flash Plus springboard module for using a compact flash card w/ your Visor. Perfect condition, comes bundled with several programs for transfering files to and from your Visor/Prism.

    -32mb Compact Flash card, excellent shape!

    -Sumdex Silver colored Visor/Prism case, the makers claim it's water-proof, I would say it is definitely weather-proof, wouldn't test it's capabilities! excellent condition.

    -Travel Charger to charge your Prism anywhere with a US outlet!

    -leather case that holds your Visor/Prism plus room for credit cards, money, or a compact flash card..

    I have a few other goodies like extra screen protectors for the color Prism and such I'll throw in as well. Also I'll pay for all shipping. I'd like to sell this as a bundle, but may be open to parting out individually... make me an offer for all or some and I'll consider. you can reply to this post or email me at:
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    Is this the case?
    Only in a Jeep.
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    Yep that's the case, the silver colored one!
    Mine is in near perfect shape, I tore the tag on the inside of mine out, like you would a shirt tag...the original tag stuck out and flapped around!!
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    You should have mail.

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    Just wanted to give a quick update, the Prism, EyeModule2, and all cases have been sold.

    I still have for sale:

    stowaway keyboard for Prism/Visor

    Xircom 56k Modem

    Travel Charger

    Innopocket Flash Card adapter w/32mb Flash card.

    I will include all shipping and will ship to US/Canada.
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that all items from the above post have been sold except for the INNO POCKET FlashPlus flash card adapter for use with all Visors/Prism using the springboard slot.
    I will include a 32mb flash card and pay for all shipping costs to anywhere in US or Canada.


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