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    i am selling my 32gb touchpad with at&t 4g (hspa+) for $425. i am including the case, a touchstone, and the bluetooth keyboard in the package to make this a pretty sweet deal.

    here's a picture of the package...

    the only problem with it is that it has the "small crack above the left speaker" that so many of these tablets exhibit, otherwise it is in perfect condition. the screen is perfect, no scratches, no nicks. the back of the tablet is scuff free, it has always been protected by the case.

    i have also installed android cm9 for those interested in experiencing the "other os"
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    bump, dropping the price to $375 or best reasonable offer.

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    would you take payments? Just kidding. That's a good deal I think. Wish I had the cash I would love to have another one for my son.
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    Let me know if this is still for sale, I may yet make an offer yet...
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    Still available!
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    I am so tempted.
    I need to think about it.
    This space for rent or lease. Inquire within.
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    cool! make me a reasonable offer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbates View Post
    Would you accept a trade? I have a BNIB 32Gb Touchpad and HP Case that I am thinking of sellling. My gear and some cash for your gear?
    pm me an offer.

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