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    I literally laughed out loud at the prices I was quoted on those "sell your tech/phone" sites. I got everything from about $11.18 to $0.00 (send it in, and we'll happily recycle it for you!).

    Well, it's worth more than that just as a camera and an MP3 player. Well, not so much on the viewing part of the camera function, because the screen is "bleeding" purple, and flickering.

    If you need parts for your Palm Pre 2, then this is for you. If, for example, your case is jacked, but everything else is fine, just move it all into this one, hermit crab style. Or if you need to switch keyboards. Whatever needs demand and your skills allow.

    FS: Palm Pre 2, bad ESN (VRZ), bad screen - works otherwise. Cosmetically, overall it is a 7.5-8.5. On a used/refurb scale, we are talking 9.5+.

    $26 verified PayPal. FIRM, includes USPS Parcel Post to continental USA.
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    Received PM. Awaiting reply. If no reply, then back on the market (answered query concerning willingness to ship international for additional shipping costs).
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    Deal done.

    RnP is a solid Brazilian to do business with. Vouched for.
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    But can he get a Maverick station wagon shipped up here.. that's what I want to know. j/k I don't have the funds for that anyway.

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