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    Hi everyone. Like the topic says, I'm selling a MINT HP Veer. The unit is not unlocked, but that shouldn't be a problem for the buyer. The Veer includes the box and all accessories, a Touchstone charger, a rapid charger (2.1a), and a H2O Wireless SIM card. I'm asking for $130. PayPal is the payment method accepted. I have plenty of feedback on webOS Nation, eBay and Heatware. Thanks!

    UPDATE: Veer now ships UNLOCKED, can't beat this deal!
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    I forgot to mention, the Veer will also come with 4 batteries, which can be replaced if you know what you're doing. If you want the batteries, be sure to mention so!
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    You say it hasn't been unlocked - I take it that means it hasn't been used with the included SIM?

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    AT&T phone's do not need to be unlocked to be used with H2O, that's one of the many beauties they offer. You can even use an AT&t SIM card with H2O with a simple phone call.
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    bump for unlocking the Veer. PM me if interested!
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    Sent you a PM. I'd like to get this ASAP. Preferably today or tomorrow.

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