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    Hey all,

    I'm looking for an HP Veer to purchase. It would have to be an unlocked AT&T variant, and if not unlocked it would need to come with an unlock code.

    I'd prefer white, but will accept the black version as well. I'd also be interested in any accessories (Touchstone, case, etc.) that are available for sale with it.

    The Veer must be in flawless condition with no scratches, marks or chips. It should include the original packaging, and anything that came with it. I'm in Canada so shipping would probably have to be international, but of course, I'd be willing to pay the necessary fees.

    PM me if you have any other questions, or you have a Veer available.

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    Just go to eBay, if you can't find a seller that will ship to Canada, then just ask them if they will for extra $. I got mine(BNIB) shipped with a Touchstone for $110 USD, took a little over a week to get it. I actually won the bid without looking at where they did/didn't send to, (they said they didn't ship out of the USA), but worked out a deal after I won the bid ($83 + $27 shipping).
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    Yeah is a bit of a ripoff for veers (around 160 shipped).

    I would definitely stick to .com and just ask them about shipping to canada. got mine for about 90 bucks shipped a while ago. looking for a new one now that ive cracked the screen. Prices seem to have gone up!

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