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    I have a barely used unlocked (any worldwide GSM carrier), North American frequency band, GSM Pre 2 for sale. I only used it for a month between phones.

    This phone is unlocked and will work on T-Mobile (without 3G), AT&T, Telstra, Vodafone AU (I used it on that network, worked perfectly and speeds were quick in Melbourne), etc.

    Here's the thing: I converted it to run on Sprint, so the warranty is obviously void. Also, one side seems to oreo a little bit on the charger port side and I cannot figure out why exactly... I have done this process twice before and never had that issue. Maybe someone else can figure it out!

    Pics are below. I am posting old Sprint Pre parts in another thread, here:

    Please comment, PM or email with offers! I will include the AC charger and USB cable if wanted. Thanks!

    I guess I might add that webOS 2.2.4 is running on it currently. If I do not sell it here soon, I will resort to Craigslist.
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    No takers?
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    Sold. More you may close this thread.

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