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    For sale is a Palm Pre (Sprint Replacement) with the following accessories. This replacement has not left my desk since being replaced last year. This phone has been used only for a secondary home number and never carried on a daily basis. It's in great condition.

    1x Palm Pre (Sprint Replacement)
    2x Touchstone Charging Kits
    1x Leather Side Case
    1x Vehicle Power Charger
    1x Seidio Multi-function Charger
    1x Seidio Extended Battery 1350mAh (original battery included)
    1x Palm Pre Skin from Best Skins Ever

    All Palm branded items come with the original packaging. I would like to sell all items together if possible. I'm asking $50 for everything not including domestic shipping. PM me if you're interested or would like additional information.
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    Sold to...ME!

    Thanks again. Items received in great condition.

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