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    Frankenpre2 kit? What is that? Well, here's what you get:
    • Verizon Pre 2 (clean ESN, very good condition)
    • Sprint Pre- (clean ESN, cracked upper right corner otherwise screen good)
    • 2 touchstone chargers with cords
    • extra touchstone battery cover (small crack around one of the snaps)
    • extra regular battery cover
    • extra battery (not sure of condition)
    • broken Pre- (not pictured. I used this to practice assembly/disassembly)

    The Pre- was my original phone, I later bought the Pre2 direct from HP and did the comm bd swap. Both Pre- and Pre2 have been returned to stock (comm bds un-swapped, phones doctored). The Pre- can be activated on Sprint, then you can swap the comm bd to the Pre2...everything you need to make a Frankenpre all in one convenient package! It even includes a handy practice/parts phone

    I would like to sell the kit as a whole, and not break it apart... $175 shipped, U.S. only, paypal.

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    It appears I might be high...

    How about $150
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    We can just close this one down...

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