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    Hey all, I have decided to sell off my trusty visor Prism. It is in fine shape, and I don't think there are any scratches on the screen worth even mentioning (i.e. normal stylus wear in the graffiti area but basically a totally clean screen)

    I still have most of the packing materials. box, etc. and all the normal stuff that it comes with, (cradle, books, CD etc...)

    Here are the extras:

    1) Lost original stylus (in my car somewhere, will include if I find it in time)... so I have upgraded to a Pentopia Chameleon stylus.

    2) Travel charger

    3) Leather belt case designed for use with VisorPhone or Sprint DL springboard, but actually works fine without either module as well. Handspring has these for about $30 as I recall. This might work for other oversize modules as well, but YMMV.

    Bids over $100 will be considered, if nobody wants this here, I will put it on eBay but I really would like to give it a good home here first... reply to this message, thanks!

    BTW I have a box of 9 brand new (not activated) Sprint Digital Link modules, NO batteries, chargers, or headsets (just the bare modules) that are looking for a good home if anyone wants to make an offer...
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    Almost forgot: I have licenses for several programs I will transfer over LEGALLY with the Prism as well, including but not limited to:


    And several others I can't recall at the moment... just an FYI. I will provide my legal SN#s for all the above plus any others if I have them, as I have jumped ship over to the PPC camp and have no need for them anymore....
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    Are you still looking for a buyer?

    I had bid on one on Ebay, but they won't take a payment from Canada. If you're willing to ship out to the great white north, let me know.

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    hello Jessica,
    I am not trying to steal any business here, but if no one will sell you a Prism because your in Canada I am willing to sell mine to you for a resonable price? (as it states on my listing, i'll pay shipping (to Canada as well)).
    (see my listing 16mb prism + modules).

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