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    I am selling my original Palm Pre (O2 UK GSM model, bought day of release!). It's unlocked. In good condition, but has a small scratch to the upper left corner and some wear to the LED button (will add pics later if interest). Also, it is missing the little flap that covers the micro-USB connector.

    It comes with: 2 Palm AC chargers and USB cables (UK plugheads), 1 Touchstone dock and back cover (fitted; original, unused non-Touchstone back cover, boxed even, also included), 1 Amzer 1400 mAh battery and 2 original Palm batteries, 1 micro-fibre pouch.

    I have the original box for the phone too, but not the Touchstone. Unfortunately I don't have the original headphones. I full-erased the phone and it's running webOS 1.4.5.

    50 (including P&P in UK or Germany, elsewhere to be added at cost). Open to offers.
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    An update with pics, so you can see the scratch and wear to LED button.
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    No interest? 45? Or make me an offer.
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    Hey. If you won't be able to sell the phone I would be interested in buying it for about 35, I'm from Slovenia so please tell me how much would the shipping cost.
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    I think it will be about 11-12 (I am estimating the weight), so call it 45 all in and it's yours. PM me re payment details, address etc. if interested.
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    Pic of the entire bundle.

    And, P.S. forgot to mention, just an FYI if it makes any difference, the phone is actually only something like 12-14 months old, not 27, since I had two replacements since original buying it.
    One battery is therefore also 12-14 months old, the other one and Amzer a bit more, 16-18 months maybe.
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