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    Fairly new Sprint Franken Pre 2

    • Upgraded to webOS 2.2.4
    • Adobe Flash
    • Working Sprint Navigation
    • Touchstone Back
    • No scratches

    Shipping from Bay Area
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    Still avaiable and price wanted?

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    You won't be able to use it unless the Sprint comm board is activated outside the Pre 2, THEN placed into the Pre 2 and meta-doctored. There is no way to activate a Sprint Frankenpre 2 by itself so make sure this is clear when you post please ;-)
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    matteebee13 is correct, but there are not a lot of Pre 2's out there. So this is for someone that wants one.
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    price please! Very interested as is!
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    Buyers, please understand that you must have or buy a Pre- body, understand or have someone able to move the Sprint comm board from the Pre2 over to the Pre-, (if the Pre- is not the one that was the original source of Sprint comm board, you may need to meta-doctor with the correct tokens), then activate the Pre- with Sprint. After successful activation, you can move that Sprint comm board back into the Pre2 body and depending upon the state of the Pre2, may need to meta-doctor that as well. The Flash and Sprint Navigation won't survive and will have to be re-done as well.

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