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    Sprint Palm Pre in LNIB condition, with Preware installed, includes:

    *USB Charging Cable

    *Touchstone plus back (minor wear)

    *4 batteries (3 standard batteries PLUS 1 Mugen Power slimline extended life battery)

    * Original package

    *Assorted cases:

    -Black, Palm leather belt pouch/holster
    -Red Palm leather slip case
    -3 AGF hard slider cases. These are the best on the market, with build in rails, the halves attach to themselves so they don't put clips between the slider cases. Comes with smooth back, and cut out for Touchstone options.

    This is an excellent condition device with a clean ESN. Similarly conditioned devices are going for $80 or more, plus shipping, on eBay. Asking $50 plus actual shipping (no handling) firm.

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    This is very tempting but all I need is the phone any way you will sell only that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by elpollodiablo1 View Post
    This is very tempting but all I need is the phone any way you will sell only that?
    I would have to stick with the same price tag of $50 plus shipping. The phone is in excellent condition and the better condition devices are selling for closer to $100 on eBay without accessories. Plus, I will have no use for, and no way to sell, the accessories.

    Thanks for your inquiry
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    Hi, Pelikan. You all right?

    Has you received my PM?

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    is this still available?

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