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    I have 2 brand new, still in the box 32 GB touchpads that I would like to sell. I paid $199 each for them. I'm selling them for the same $199 plus shipping costs. I'll sell them either individually or together if desired. Selling here over ebay so hopefully some real webOS fans can get one of these devices. PM me, first come first serve.

    These were going to be for myself and my wife, as a way to stay with webOS in some way since we now have Android phones. But we've honestly both lost interest and have never even bothered to really try these things. Hope they get a good home with someone on here.
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    Do you still have them and would you ship to the uk?

    Is so what would be the postage cost?

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    Pogeypre looking for some to help him develop.
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    These have both been sold. Thanks for the interest everyone!

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