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    Price: $115 (includes shipping in US)
    I have a GSM unlocked Pre 2 in mint condition. I also have a Sprint Pre Minus. I actually frankenPred the Pre2 and doctor'd it. It worked great!

    But I'm selling it since my work is getting me a phone that will work with our VPN (sadface).

    I'm including two touchstone docks - all the included accessories (wall charger, headset, battery). I'm also including a Mugen 1400mAh battery which adds about 2-3 hours of battery life.

    Both phones have been put back together and doctor'd to their most recent versions. I can verify that both sound and signal are working.

    Basically, this is everything i've bought in the last two years as I've explored webOS. I'm willing to throw in my palm profile ID which has a few TouchPad apps and games (sorry sold the TP a few weeks back) and a whole slew of Pre apps. (after receipt of funds, i'll change my palm profile id to the email of your choosing)

    I'm asking $115 for everything. (This price is really for the Pre2 and touchstones, the other stuff is just thrown in...) But I'm willing to hear offers.

    I really loved the Palm pre 2 - if you are committed to webOS - you will too.
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    Bump - price lowered to $115 including shipping (2 phones, 2 touchstones, all cables, 1400 mAh battery, packaging)
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    Can you email me pics to

    And to verify this is a unlocked GSM pre 2 correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9520G View Post
    Can you email me pics to

    And to verify this is a unlocked GSM pre 2 correct?
    this is an unlocked GSM pre 2. yep.


    pre and pre2 for sale - a set on Flickr
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    If you need some referente, the 9520G is an excelent option!

    I has negotiated with him, and he was great in all time!

    If was other interested, I has sent a PM with a proposal!

    Best Regards...
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    This was sold a few weeks back to a forum member.

    *Please close this thread mods!*

    Happy new year!

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