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    Any Precentral member that makes me even a halfway decent offer can have it.

    Sprint Palm Pre *PLUS* - Modded! | eBay

    Description from the ebay auction:

    I am selling my beloved Sprint Pre Plus.

    This phone is essentially a Verizon Pre Plus except for the Communications Board and the keybaord which are both off of my Sprint Palm Pre.

    This phone was my daily driver for over a year and I loved it. WebOS is magic.

    Details of the Comm Board swap can be seen here: Sprint Pre Plus - WebOS Internals

    From the Sprint Palm Pre I kept the Communications Board, allowing this phone to work on the Sprint Network. (great network. totally under-rated)
    I also kept the original Pre keyboard as the Verizon Pre Plus keyboard is known to have a "repeating key" problem.
    Everything else on the phone was retained from the Verizon Pre Plus.

    From wikipedia: Palm Pre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Differences from the original Sprint Palm Pre included removal of the center button, 16GB storage memory (8GB on the original Pre), doubling the RAM from 256 MB to 512MB, and the back cover is now Touchstone compatible and the slider mechanism is improved.

    This phone is in perfect working order but it is *not* new. It is most definitely used.

    Again, I really loved this phone. I'm just on to bigger and better things with my Pre3!

    No reserve, low minimum bid. Happy bidding.
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    Sent you a PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dvilhotti View Post
    Sent you a PM.
    I replied to your PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davide-NYC View Post
    I replied to your PM.
    Ditto Mr. Dave
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