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    I have a Brand New sealed in the box HP Pre 3 that ideally I would like to trade for a Touchpad

    If not then I would like to possibly sell it at the right price (so I can buy a Touchpad)

    I do have a touchpad already but my 3 year old soon keeps taking it, so ideally I would like him to have a touchpad for xmas so I can have mine back

    Im in the UK but would be prepared to ship abroad


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    Is the Pre 3 a Verizon device? If so I will gladly trade my 32 GB TP for it.
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    Its a full QWERTY UK version, I have no idea if it will work with Verizon or not, maybe someone could help or answer the question

    I dont know enough about Verizon

    I do know its fully unlocked to any network if that helps
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    UK version = GSM
    Verizon = CDMA
    Pre3 (AT&T meta-doctored to ROW) webOS 2.2.4 build 3175
    TouchPad WiFi (32GB) - webOS 3.0.5 build 86
    App Catalog (US) - Vodafone (India)

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    Darn. Oh well.
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    Thanks Sanjay

    Sorry Ursula seems we can both miss out thanks to HP LOL
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    I have a Touchpad, but would love to do this for a ATT pre 3.. :-( (I already have a UK pre 3)

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    sketch42 is the ATT Pre3 the same as Verizon then ?

    as in CDMA ?
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    No... Att is gsm, but the UK pre 3 is missing the 850 band for the 4g.

    Other than that it works great.

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    Ah I see thanks for that

    Looks like I may be struggling then
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    How much are you selling?
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    I would prefer a trade for a Touchpad ideally, not sure what happened to slams post
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    Anyone ?
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    May just sell the phone for reasonable (and sensible) offers if no trades an option, then I can use the money to buy a Touchpad

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