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    I've been thinking of selling my Sprint Franken Pre 2 for a reasonable price, and found this old thread.

    Can anyone tell me if there is now a way to sell it "as is"? If I doctor the Pre 2 and then activate a different Sprint phone with my Sprint account and phone number, does my Franken Pre 2 become open for someone else to activate it with their Sprint account?

    I mean, the phone doesn't look any different than a Pre minus unless you look close; I also think a cooperative Sprint rep at the store might be willing to look the other way. In fact, if the buyer were local, I could hook them up with a rep who would do it.

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    <<post separated from the thread and moved to Marketplace>>
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    I'm selling mine as well, or at least trying to. It would need to be reactivated in a pre- and then redoctored after swapping the board again to activate. alternatively you can put the original board in the pre2 and doctor it back to stock. i have put both options up to anyone interested.
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    Email me if you have a pre 2 in excellent shape you will sell for $100 or less. Must be mint.

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