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    Pixi Plus, and both Pre + are Verizon and the Pre 2 is unlocked dev device from HP.

    Willing to make trades if your offer is fair!

    All are in great condition EXCEPT the Pre 2 which has a broken volume ribbon. It is cosmetically perfect but just the volume ribbon doesn't work

    If you want the Pre 2 to be Verizon, I can swap one of the commboards.
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    can the pre 2 be repaired? Does the volume control not work at all? Also, how much? I have frankenpre'd a preplus to sprint so I can do the comboard swap but the volume ribbon I don't know about, what do you think?
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    No it's literally torn off lol. If you want to cut the volume ribbon from another device and have it soldered back to the commboard you can but it's a little extraneous. You can install patches to control volume from the system menu. I lived with it, its just that I was given a new phone as a gift so I'm selling these. I would really like to see atleast 100 for the Pre 2 but it's probablly not going to happen so if you would like to make an offer feel free ! :-)
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    How much are you asking for the Pixi+ and the Pre+? I'm looking for a phone for my son.
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    How much for one of each? I am looking to beef up development farm-team. Please PM me.

    On my 4G TouchPad, Pre3 or Panda-Veer.
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