VideoList (DVD,Video,Movie Database) Software Updated to Version 3

December 19, 2002 (WakefieldSoft, LLC) - Imagine browsing in your local video rental store, and trying to remember if you had already rented a particular movie or not. How would you like to easily verify if you had seen a certain movie while considering a DVD purchase? Now you can. WakefieldSoft, LLC has just released VideoList(tm), a DVD, video, and movie database software application for the Palm OS(R). The VideoList Plus(tm) version includes a PC companion interface, while VideoList Lite(tm) is for the Palm OS(R) only. Anyone who enjoys watching movies can easily carry their list of movies with them anywhere.

VideoList(tm) version 3 includes numerous NEW features including many new options, enhanced search for the handheld, preferences settings for the handheld, more editable lists, and many more new features and improvements. A FREE trial version is available at http://www.wakefieldsoft.com/videolist/.

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