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    I have at least 2 extra Touchstone Charging Docks, and 1 or 2 extra HP Touchpad Cases. Very BNIB. $20 for a Case, $40 for a Touchstone. That's including shipping. If you buy more than one item, I should be able to ship them in one package and knock $5 or so off the total.


    HP Touchstone (for TouchPad): $40 shipped
    HP TouchPad Case: $20 shipped

    note: ALL SOLD
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    @rnp - have you checked your private messages? still interested in these?
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    <<posts deleted>>

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    bump... anybody? these are as cheap or cheaper than you'll find anywhere. very brand new: they were never retailed, shipped directly to me from the distributor. in fact the cases came in a sealed 6-pack box from the factory in china.
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    bump... surely somebody wants a case or touchstone? I'd like to be rid of these so someone make an offer please.
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    I'll take the 'Touchstone Charging Dock' @ $30.
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    all items sold. thanks.

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