In the contest for entering text into
your handheld, we currently have 50
entrants with scores between 24wpm and
80wpm (using ten different methods!)
And for entrants this last week, we
have lots of prizes to award from our
sponsors. You can win any of the
following by just posting a speed
(Palm, PPC or Thumbs)in the top twenty
for the week:

* Astraware: Bejeweled or Diamond Mine
* Quik Budget from Quik Sense
* pEditPro from Paulcomputing
* PocketInformant for the Pocket PC
* IA ScreenShot for the Pocket PC
* Neohand - Amy Reiley's Pocket Vineyard

So enter today. Win yourself a
Christmas Gift... Or of you're really
fast, a bottle of the world's best