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    Hi there. I have tried frankenpreing these phones together and just have had no luck. I give up and I want to sell my failure to someone. You will get both phones. The old Pre has a busted ribbon cable to the display but the comm board should be fine. (note that the display is from a Pre+ but all the insides are Pre-) The Pre 2 was purchased new and it is unlocked. I'd rather have a working Pre 2 on Sprint but I'm just fed up at this point and probably going to buy an iPhone 4S. I feel like a dirty traitor, but I'm left with few options now. If you know what you're doing with this kit, you can probably activate the commboard on the Pre 1 with the Pre 2 ribbon cable then move the comm board and ribbon cable to the Pre 2. The Pre 2 as it is starts with a battery with a question mark. This will also include a Mugen Power extended battery that rates at 3800mAh, retails at $80. This will come with the AC wall adapter and a USB sync cable (maybe two).

    I will accept Paypal as a payment method and will go so far as to list it on eBay as a private buy-it-now so they can track it and you know you won't get screwed.

    Please PM me with an offer.
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    Sorry for sucky photo. D:
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