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    I have a Franken Pre 2 (Sprint) that I will be selling in about a week or two. My sisters bought me an iPhone 4S for my birthday and with no new WebOS phones on the horizon, I sadly will be switching to iOS. Maybe I'll be back when my 2 year contract is up.

    Anyway, the Franken Pre 2 is in perfect condition and has been working on Sprint for many months now. If anyone is interested in it, PM me and let me know what you think a fair price is.

    Also available:
    • Verizon Pre+ - I was going to make a Sprint Pre+, then I got a Pre 2 and did the Franken Pre2 instead
    • Pre- (minus) - this was my original Pre that I used to make the Franken Pre2. This can have the Verizon comm board put in it or a GSM comm board
    • Brand new Verizon Pixi - I was going to add WiFi to my wife's Sprint Pixi, but never got around to it
    • Otter box for the orignal Pre (plus or minus)
    • A couple of batteries

    As you might be able to tell, I really got into modifying the phones and had a lot of fun with it. Hence all of the WebOS equipment. If anyone is interested in any of this stuff, just reply here or PM me and we can work out a deal.

    I'd be willing to set things up for you as well. As I mentioned, I have a Verizon comm board and a GSM comm board.

    Let me know.

    EDIT: The GSM comm board is unlocked

    Nokia 6185 > Sanyo SCP-5300 > Palm Treo 650 > Palm Pre> Franken Pre 2 > iPhone 4S
    (All Sprint)
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