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    Took a look at ebay to see what the 32gb are going for and there are few for sale and the ones that are are finding no bidders. I wanted to check because i dont use mine and want to dump it along with great case hp keyboard and spare wall charger. I checked my local craigslist too and the tps are just sitting there. I guess the craziness is over.
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    I thought you said you sold it already?

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    I just sold it for my asking price. It was like new. Just taken out og the box and souoed up. Buyer is thrilled! To me the tp is realky....well i better not say.
    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    how much are you wanting to get rid of it for?
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    i sold a 32 with keyboard and touchstone for $340 on ebay last week
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    I had ond more for my wife but she only uses her ipad2

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    I thought you said you sold it already?
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    how much are you wanting to get rid of it for?
    I paid 160 for tp, 40 for kb, 15 for case, 10 for charger for a total of 225. Make me an offer i cant refuse. I'm not desperate. Its just sitting around.
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    I'm interested in one, but $200 is the most at this point I'm willing to pay for a bundle. Especially reading that there have been problems with some of the existing ones out there.

    No disrespect.

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