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    Used about a week. Great speed and finally a great webos phone. I just hate ATT where I live (middle of atlanta). Speeds on the network are 5-8 Mbps which is great, but just hard to stomach 90 bucks a month when I was an addon to my family plan for 30. Hard to have it be this way, buy spending 700+ more a year for the pre just isnt work it for me.

    210 shipped and paypalled. I can throw in an extra official charger too if you like (i have tons around the house).
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    No one?

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    pre3 on vzw in Atlanta rocks!
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    Shipping to.... Anywhere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by everythingsablur View Post
    Shipping to.... Anywhere?
    well if it is to another country, have to add whatever the import duties are. Otherwise yes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    You don't pay import duties. Buyer does.
    Well in that case sure. So long as I can be paypal assurance covered then Ill ship overseas.
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    interested, still unsold?
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    Interested too. PM sent.

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