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    Putting out feeler for sale/trade of 32gb Touchpad only used for about an hour. Looking to sell to raise funds for (gasp) an iPhone 4. Will consider trade for one obviously, also consider outright sale. Still not sure I want to get rid of this yet, love WebOS and have missed my launch day Sprint Pre. I have sold 2 Pre's on this site, 2 EVO's on Android Central, and an iPhone on XDA all under user name Gvndeb60. Also on ebay with same name. Thanks for reading!

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    Roughly how much are you looking for if you sold it out right? Also have you made any modifications to it?
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    Only some patches in Preware. Have not installed Android. Not sure what I am asking yet bc I have not seen where the market is for the 32gb. Saw the 16gb settled around $200 but have not seen lots of 32gb ones. I really don't want to sell, but this is more of a luxury, a phone is more of a necessity. Thanks

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