I know finding a suitor is a long-shot buuuuttt I gotta try. I have one of just 4000 first batch pandora handheld devices. I pre-ordered (was number 258 actually) & waited nearly two whole years to get mine (touchpad wait has nothin on this). For those not in the know it's a gaming-centric linux based mobile device with a full qwerty keyboard. It's about the size of the original DS. It's mainly focused on retro-gaming (through emulators). It runs a full customized desktop version of angstrom linux. I don't have much time for games these days & although I haven't been closely following the project, it looks unlikely that many more will be produced. The project has interesting history & will surely be a collector's item. Oddly enough it uses the same chipset as the pre. It is definitely a niche device, but then again so are webOS devices ;] if anyone's interested in a trade post or pm. Pix on request (not near my comp anyway).

for more info on the pandora project visit openpandora.org