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    I want to buy a Visor Prism or a Visor Deluxe. Please send offers to

    Sonny Crockett
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    I have a Prisim with Sprint visorphone, memory module, and memplug module that I no longer need. Not sure what the value is. Would you make an offer?

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    I too have a Visor Prism. I have a couple of modules with it as well, I am willing to sell all seperate or as a package. The modules are a GPS Companion, and Red-M Blade Bluetooth module (this works great with the Sony Ericsson t68i). I have everything that goes with the Prism, but not the original boxes (ie. usb desktop cradle). I also have an auto adapter. I am going to get a Palm Tungsten T with any proceeds I can get from my Handspring stuff. Let me know what you think its worth.


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