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    I am having a HP Pre 3 (AT&T) Model, Unlocked and with extra original palm power charger for sale, this was bought by me on 7 days back(I've my invoice to back this up). It is unopened & unlock code will be provided. I am attaching original picture from original seller.

    The reason I'm selling, I've 2 hp veers & I really want to buy a TP, till now I had a hope that I can get a TP for firesale price,I don't think it will be possible, so trying to buy a TP from for which I need money, so I decided to sell this phone off & collect some money to buy a TP. The product is still in US(in my PPO & I'm from India) & will be arranging shipping from there.

    How would we Trust you?: Although there is no body to vouch for me in this forum, i can say u can buy from me without fear, by paying me through paypal by selecting the payment purpose as "Goods" from which u can always have the option of 'Charge back' in case if u have problem with me.

    Price: Same as I paid to original seller, $227 + $15(shipping). I know that I loose some 3% as paypal fees & 3.5% for currency conversion of paypal amount to my currency. But want to sell this off to buy a TP. Anybody Interested contact me as soon as possible so that I can ship the item immediately(even tomorrow itself, if payment is recieved).
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    I've got a 32GB TouchPad that I'll trade you...

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