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    I have a charger cover door flap thingy that fell off an older Pre. Well, it SHOULD be in my car. I was wondering if anyone is interested in it. I can ship it anywhere in the continental US (maybe Alaska and Hawaii if shipping costs aren't too much). It's free, I just was wondering if I can find a good home for it.

    I'll check in the morning if it's still in my car. I'm almost certain it's intact. On the Pre it came from, a piece of plastic casing broke off and let the door just fall right out.
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    If it is the touchstone cover I'll take it. PM me once you find it and if it's a touchstone cover! Thanks
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    Sorry, this is the little flap that goes over the port where you plug in a mini USB cable to charge up the phone. I wasn't sure what to call it, so I'm sure I wasn't clear in the description.
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    ah! No worries. Good luck with the sale!

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