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    I have a brand new, never used and still sealed HP Veer 4G phone. It is labeled as AT&T but as I understand it, it can be unlocked for usage on any SIM Card. Please research that if you plan on doing it as I have not used it and can not confirm.

    The phone is white.

    This phone works with the HP Touchpad!

    I also have a car charger.

    I was looking for $100.00 shipped within the USA for both the phone and charger.

    Please PM me if you are interested or have questions. I can provide feedback from other websites if my reputation is a concern.

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    Bro I'm interested. Do you accept paypal?

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    I do! I'll send you a PM.
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    Still available?! Im interested, international shipping possible?
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    Still available. Couple of people showing interest stating they want to purchase but never follow through.

    I'll take a reasonable offer just to be rid of this!
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    Pm sent
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    Hi Stu,

    I didn't get a PM from you. I'll send you one.

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    Still here!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bohh View Post
    Still here!
    Just sent you a PM!
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    Sold pending payment!
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    Somewhat unrelated question, but what exactly do you mean by "work with TouchPad"? You mean it works with Touch to Share, or the TouchPad can connect via Mobile Hotspot?
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