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    Where's the wave of cheap 64gb Touchpads? I am looking for one for $350. If anyone has one for sale send me a PM.

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    I'd take one at 350....
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    So far no PMs for anyone who is interested.
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    Maybe those particular 64Gb 'Hen's Teeth' are more rare still.. and require more tempting morsels therefore, to come out of 'hiding'?

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    There was seller in eBay sell 64 White TP for $365. Already sold out only one day. Just wait and always checked on eBay, maybe he/she can replenish his/her stock again.

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    My friend just bought one for $300, I might pay that much, but I think $250 is fair.
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    Here's one for $375 + $15 shipping.

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