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    I'm looking to buy an HP Veer but I only want to spend $60. Let me know if anyone has any they want to get rid of.

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    Hey Joe,
    I bought some extra Veers I don't need, so I can help you with this if you can include a few dollars for shipping too.

    If anyone else is interested let me know. Not sure what it costs to ship yet so post or PM me your zip codes and i'll go checkin with the post office. (Is another service cheaper? If so let me know and i'll check with them too.) Also--black or white?
    palm lineage: VzPre+ to Pre2 to Pre3, now using a AT&T Pre3 on wifi and Panda Touchpad.
    DU unlock codes available (Veers, Pres, etc, Oh my!)
    Has Pre3s & tpFauxG for sale!
    (Sales prices always less than ebay)
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    Im looking to buy a Veer aswell. Need to have it shipped to The Netherlands, but i will pay for that all offcourse.. Who can help me?
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    looking for a veer, black 90 or less, shipping included.

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