I have the following for sale:

Visor Platinum + Visorphone + 8MB Backup Module + Stowaway Keyboard + Wireless Modem + More for $200 USD Only

This is a full package of all you need.
1) Visor Platinum (advertised $149 USD)

- a small scratch on very top left edge
- graphite case (not the painted case, so more durable)
- 8 MB
- Palm OS 3.5.2H3

2) 8 MB Backup Springboard Module ($??)

3) Targus Stowaway Portable Keyboard ($84.76 USD)

4) Minstrel S Wireless Modem ($299 USD)

- for GoAmerica wireless service

5) VisorPhone ($99 USD unlocked)

- For use any 1900MHz or 900 MHz GSM network carrier

6) USB Cradle
- standard, comes with Visor Platinum

7) USB Cradle with Visorphone Charger ($49.99 USD)
- so you can charge your visorphone and synchronize your visor concurrently

If you buy these all new, it would have costed over $700 USD, but I'm asking for $200 USD

The reason for selling is to go with a smart phone with organizer.

$10 shipped insured

Accept PayPal