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    Lol, you can buy an uncommon 64GB PandaPad for $425

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    I see pandas.
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    Euro buyer
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    Let's welcome our new Touchpad brethren!

    How high can you go for a Touchpad? I went as high as $279
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    I bought my Touchpad 32GB on new along with the charging dock for $260.00
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    A few weeks back, ebayers in France were bidding up TP's to 80,000 euro
    That would have made a nice commission for ebay.
    Yea but this one is in New Jersey. You can buy them all day long for under $300 in the USA and just get someone to let you pay for international shipping.
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    international buyer from eastern europe or some nigerian prince that is using phished/stolen paypal account or CC with 0 ebay feedback
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    There was a seller on eBay sell TP White 64GB for $365. Only a day all stock gone! I bought TP32 bundle $325. I think it is quite reasonable price. More then that surely not worth to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jameskelsey View Post
    Its the mindset that has been created by limited availabilty of TP. They cant get it, so they want it now. I love it.
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    lol at that price i would have thrown in free shipping
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    to bad we cant unload some to the loosing bidders
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    I can smell a deadbeat from 1.609 km away.

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