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    Still looking for a 32GB touchpad deal. This one has a few strings attached. It seems a Michigan furniture chain is offering 32GB Touchpads as part of a package deal with a sofa, loveseat, tables, and HDTV for only $1997. Sort of an expensive way to get a Touchpad, but at least you get a place to sit and watch TV while you use it! Advertised on TV today!

    Mercer Ultimate Big Picture Package with 55" TV (Mercer Collection) in Living Room at Gardner-White Furniture
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    that's funny because I saw that last week and told my wife. Needless to say I do not have a 2nd TP right now. I was not allowed to spend 2Gs for another one.
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    don't do it! I have that tv and a touchpad, what I don't like is when my hdmi ports go nuts and decide to turn my tv back on.
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    That is funny, Gardner White is notorious for these baited sales techniques.
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    My problem with sitting on the couch in front of the TV with my TouchPad.....I usually forget what I'm watching. No biggie with the PVR, or VOD, except sometimes a 1 hour show will take 2 hours to watch

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