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    I'm considering selling one of my TP's. I have a very lightly used 16 GB with the HP case and a new unopened 32 GB with a HP case. I'm posting here for a couple reasons. Thought a web os fan from here might appreciate it more than someone from CL or Ebay. Lots of questionable people on CL. Ebay fees have gotten out of hand,they got greedy. Not looking to give it away at cost since I have many hours invested in buying them. I have a 100% positive ebay rating on a over 5 year old account and have sold on other forums. I can post pics if you would like,just really checking interest first. PM me if you would like to talk.
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    Decided to sell the 16 GB TP for $215 with the HP case,have a CL post.
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    Would you post internationally?

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