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    Hello everyone,

    For Sale:
    1. Visor Prism Upgraded to 16MB
    2. 1 brand new high capacity Prism battery installed
    3. Original Visor Prism battery (works fine, good charge)
    4. Original retail box with all accessories and manuals
    5. E+B Slipper Case for Visor Prism modified to work with Visorphone/Digital Link
    6. 1 Sprint PCS Digital Link Unused retail Package

    I just got a Treo 300 and an IPAQ for work so I am getting rid of my Visor Prism. The Prism was upgraded to 16mb by Alex Wang and was only used for three weeks (Although it was manufactured in 2000 by that date on the battery). This unit has a new Prism battery from Laptopsforless installed (only 3 days old) along with the old battery which works fine (I replaced it as I had a feeling that the Prism batteries would be a limited run. The package includes the full retail box, charger, software etc. I am also including an E+B slipper case for the Prism that has been modified (Top cut open) to allow it to work with the Digital Link or a minijam installed. The case has the belt clip option. I will also include a packet of screen protectors for the Prism.

    I am asking $300 for the entire package which I think is a great deal for a 16mb Prism with the new battery.

    I guarantee the whole package against DOA and to be as advertised. You can check out my e-bay feedback

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