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    Hey All,

    I'm selling some AT&T Pre 3's 16GB NIB for around $230 (shipping included). Please post on this thread that you PM'd, and then PM me if interested.

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    Where's anywhere?
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    I just received the Pre 3 that I bought from SirataXero at the beginning of the week. He has been quick to respond to my questions and the phone was delivered in great shape and on the day he said it would arrive.

    Great transaction, SirataXero.
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    The topic of this thread is one member trying to sell a Pre 3. If you would like to discuss the pricing of Pre 3s in general, please discuss it in the Pre 3 forum. Thanks.
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    Hi, Sirata. Still selling?

    Well... let's gonna send a PM!!

    Best Regards...
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    Can you get any VZW Pre 3s from your sources?

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    Hey Folks,

    I'm working on the Verizon one. Honestly, it doesn't look good. They seem MUCH MUCH harder to get at than the AT&T ones. That also means supply is low and demand is high thus prices are exorbitant. At least for now.
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    Still a few more left!
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    Still 250 or any price change?

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    Price drop!
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    Hey All,

    Thank you so much for your interest. I now have one AT&T Palm Pre 3 (with unlock code) left. This phone is going for $230 (shipping included).

    Please let me know if anyone is interested.

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    I'm interested. PM'd

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