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    My employer has provided me with a phone, so I'm letting go of my VZW Pre 2 (frankenpre). Here's what you get:

    VZW Palm Pre 2 - it has the sprint comm board installed. (original box, manuals and cable)
    Palm Pre minus - it has the VZW comm board installed
    3 complete touchstones (with charging cables)
    Palm side leather case
    Car Charger

    The phone is ALMOST in perfect condition. It has one dead pixel on the screen, that's it. The phone is only a couple of weeks old, bought it on eBay and not on clearance.

    So here's the deal. My account with Sprint is now closed, so I'm waiting for my final bill. I'm guessing Sprint will disable the ESN until final bill, but not sure how it works. Worst case, you can put the VZW comm board back on the phone and use it on Verizon. Or if you already have a pre minus, you can then upgrade it to a FrankenPre.

    I'm asking $150 (shipped) anywhere in the U.S. PayPal payment is preferred and I'll only ship to a confirmed address. I have a perfect rating on eBay: sandoval_g with over 100 transactions. PM me if you're interested. I can also e-mail you the ESN for the Sprint phone if you're interested.

    Just lowered the price to $150 as I know it will take someone with experience on how to remove/replace the comm boards.
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