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    This is a North American Pre 2 unlocked and never opened. I actually have two for sale because I panicked when my order did not get confirmed with HP and they told me "it would never fill", and of course any of you that know about HP should have known right then that they were either lying or it would fill--but because I believed them I bought one on ebay for $180 all in.

    I am looking for $170 plus shipping (which as of this morning is cheaper than any price on ebay, where they range from about $180-$220) I can ship via USPS, FedEx or UPS, just tell me what you prefer and I will handle, including using your account number if you have one. I can ship as soon as tomorrow. I am also open to any kind of (legal) payment. If you want to send a check and are willing to wait until it clears I can do that too.

    I now really want to sell because after buying the Pre 2, I was one of the boneheads that paid $650 for a Pre 3.

    My original plan was to keep as spares but because my Pre 2 is working flawlessly and is covered by a warranty (unlike my Pre 3) I feel 2 spares is ridiculous and a waste of money.

    Lastly, I much prefer to sell at a fair price on here and see it go to a forum member than to see it go to a stranger. I have been a member here since my Treo days of years ago so you don't have to worry about a scammer or profiteer! I will probably never sell a anything again--hopefully!

    Feel free to PM me or ask questions in this thread.
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    I am thinking I will put these on ebay now as there doesn't seem to be any interest. Does anyone want to make an offer? I much prefer selling here to users of this forum.

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    oh forget my PM sorry
    i misread the post
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    I PM'd you.

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