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    Hi ,
    I am new here and I know what I am offering for a trade is a little off topic but I am under such a tight budget in the cash department and have these things to offer at a great deal.

    I have DESIGNER EYE GLASSES & SUNGLASSES like Armani, sillhouettes, maui jim, (in the picture) & Oakley, etc. Each pair are brand new, and NOT copies! They are the REAL thing !Each pair are valued at more than $300can
    I have pictures if you email me.

    I have a mini TV. One you can take on the bus, a car, anywhere its screen is I think around 3 inches. It is something you could slip into your purse or a luggage pocket. Great for passing the time, or even that camping trip .It was only used once and is worth $275can
    again I can email tons of pictures

    I have REAL GUARANTEED SAPPHIRES !!! I have regular blue, blue green, & I have the RARE STAR SAPPHIRES !!! They have an appraisel and are unset in anything, and if wanted YOU can pick a jeweller in my area & I am more than willing to have them look at them. I have a few different sizes, from 1carat - 6carats a stone.
    I have tons of pictures too if you email me.
    I am offering these as they are expensive but my father is a gemologist and I get them for a great deal.

    so if interested, I would love to trrade someone, I have my heart set on a TREO 300 but am willing to consider others. I just did some research tonight and found I like the Treo best out of all the varieties.

    I look forward to talking to some of you...& HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!!!

    my email is -
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