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    Like the topic says, I'm looking for a Palm Pre 2. I prefer a Verizon unit, but I will entertain offers regardless of radio type. I'm looking for a new or used (in great condition) phone. I missed out on the $49.99 fire-sale. I'm hoping someone can work out a decent deal for me as I'm obtaining this phone simply to help with the port of a 64-bit project . Until now, I have released no info on the application based on a system which was powered largely in part by a Reality Co-Processor. Please PM me with offers, I'd prefer to buy from a member versus eBay, though I will pursue eBay if I cannot find a decent price on the forums. Thank you!
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    I just posted a VZW Pre 2 (frankenPre) plus a bunch of extras. Not sure if it's in your price range, but check it out.

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