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    Looking for a Memplug SD/MMC, not much more
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    Originally posted by Gambit
    Looking for a Memplug SD/MMC, not much more
    I saw them at CompUSA just the other day for $20. Not too bad; half price off. They had both CF and SM.
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    did you see an MMC version at Comp? I have a smart media one from there and it's nice but not nearly fast enough IF you see an SD/MMC version at CompUSA for reasonable price (under $40) PLEASE PLEASE buy it - I WILL Pay ASAP paypal or whatever.

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    i second that ! if anyone see's a MMC memplug, buy it and i'll send you the cash plus commision !
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    I appreciate it but this is Smart Media adapter - I already have one of those (got it from Comp at the $20 price which wasn't bad at all). I'm looking for the SD/MMC version.
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    Anyone seen this beast??? I don't feel like paying 3 times as much as I paid for my SM memplug...


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