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    ** UPDATE - $360 TOTAL shipped anywhere - SEALED UNOPENED BOX **

    I'm reposting this bc my other thread I included price in the title and now can't edit it. I bought two Pre3's by accident because I didn't think I'd get the other one. I NEED to sell this one ASAP. I've been trying to sell it on eBay with no luck, even at the comparable prices of $450 shipped. But I have decided to try and sell it here. The paypal + eBay fees are ridiculous! So I actually paid $465 for this phone, I'd be willing to sell for $450 shipped or slightly less. PM me with an offer. I have a verified paypal acct, and I know what it means to be screwed by people, I'm not one of those shady types. I'm a US Army soldier and believe in integrity. If you want to check out my ebay items for sale (just to see my ratings) i'm joannacdhanaraj. I will ship this worldwide. Preferably US though, as it's cheaper for me to eat the cost. Let me know by PM if you're interested, or with an offer.
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    lots of views no responses?
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    Absolute lowest I'll sell for is $360...
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    You have this listed on Ebay for $365. I will still offer $300 and save you the EBay fees.
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    that's more than 160 less than I paid... ebay listing i've been trying to get at the right price. it doesn't seem to matter.
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    i listed it again on ebay earlier today, starting at $425, changed it to $365 and back up to $380... whats the problem. others on ebay are at 350 plus shipping... I'm not high on this...
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    There's also the fact that ebay takes an 8% cut on the final price (at least in Europe). That's in addition to paypal's 4% to send the money to your bank account ...

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