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    Hi All,

    I would like to sell my HP UK Pre3. it is just used for 2 days and still in absolutely new condition with the factory display cover still on it and earphones are still unopened.

    I can ship it to anywhere and the shipping costs should be paid by the buyer

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    How much would shipping to the UK be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    How much would shipping to the UK be?

    It depends on the shipping method you would prefer like tracking, insurance etc

    like DHL Paket with tracking would cost 17-20 euros

    Sorry for the wrong depends on the dimensions of the package....i guess it costs around 17-20 euros
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    I'll take you up on that offer, assuming we can work out shipping to the US for a reasonable price. I (think) I sent you a PM.
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    i would like to take that offer including shipping...let me know
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    For shipping to USA with DHL tracking costs 35 euros (48-49 dollars approximately)
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    I will sell it to anyone who confirms first with acceptance to price and shipping charges
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    i would take you on the can we go about finishing the transaction?
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    PM Me if you would like private
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    Pre3 still up for sale as buyer changed the mind at the last minute.....

    serious buyers only plz.....
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    Putz! Aaaaaaaaaargh...

    If our postal services was not in strike, this was my in first post...

    Best Regards...
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    message sent
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    Message also sent, I think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by superhyper View Post
    Message also sent, I think?

    another buyer has PM'ed before you and he is ready to buy with the price i quoted. waiting for him to send the payment. If this is not worked out by today night, i will message you, but i am not sure of any other cheap shipping options than DHL, if you can search for it, it would be helpful to fasten our deal if applicable
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    where am i on the deals falling out list? i pmed you yesterday.
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    the phone is now sold to superhyper and received the payment very fast....very happy with him....

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