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    Hey There!

    This is just a post to gauge interest in an AT&T Veer (black) that has been just barely opened. I originally purchased it to help port Touch To Share from the Pre 3 doctor, but have not started any dev on it yet. However there are some important things to note about it.


    There is a Micro SIM adapter stuck in the sim tray. I have tried to remove it and have been unable, due to fear of damaging the contacts. In trying to remove it, I have disassembled the phone (but have kept the void sticker in-tact), but stopped before removing the circuit board, as I refuse to detach it from fear of damaging it. The phone has been reassembled and is fully working (minus the sim tray, which should be working, if the adapter can be successfully removed without damaging it). The phone has NOT been activated, activation was bypassed and is currently in devmode.

    Those who would be interested in using the microsim adapter with it, it is not possible with this particular adapter. I had to cut the adapter in order to get the microsim out.

    The last thing I would need is for anyone to buy this phone expecting it to be an easy removal. I have done everything in my power, aside from damaging the contact pins, to remove the adapter, and consider myself somewhat-experienced in this area. I feel it would require a long thin metal tool (a small screwdriver is not thin enough) with a microscope to push down the pins while lifting the sim adapter (meaning you would need a vice as well to hold the phone).

    I'd recommend that someone who is not interested in using the cellular part of the phone to buy it (for example, dev work or some other purpose). I've purchased another veer to replace it. There is a chance, however, that it can be removed, but I don't want to make any false promises. This device is certainly one that falls under the category of "Buy at your own risk."

    I have not posted a price because it is simply intended to gauge interest to see what people would be willing to pay for it.
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    push it down with a pencil and it should pop out.
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    Heh...Trust me, I've tried everything. The sim contact pins have actually grabbed on to the adapter.
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    Take a piece of heavy card stock (like a business card), even better if it's laminated and cut it to the width of the sim slot. Have a pair of tweezers handy

    1. Make sure the sim adapter is pushed in as far as it can go.
    2. Slide the paper between the adapter and the front side of the phone until it stops.
    3. Take the paper out and measure to see if your making it the depth of the sim slot.
    a) if not reaching the depth, the contact wires are probably too bent back to save it.
    b) if at good depth slide the paper in again to full depth
    4. With paper still in, try to slowly pull out sim adapter with tweezers.

    Note: you could use a full size sim or, micro-sim carrier from an iPhone 4 if you have one, to trace on the end of the paper to see how far it should go in. This will tell you if you are making it past the contact wires.

    By the way, I toasted my first veer trying to do the very same thing. You must have an iPhone 4 too. I stuck the sim adapter in backwards with copper pointing to the back of the phone. And then pulled very hard (pliers). I got the adpater out but it had wires sticking out of the plastic. Argggggg!

    Good luck!

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