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    I am selling my QWERTY Pre3.

    Device was bought at Palm Eurostore for 350€ and used for about one week (handled very carefully, thus no traces of usage). Now I was lucky to get a QWERTZ one and therefore want to sell the English version.

    The device is activated in Germany and has access to the German App Catalog, but if I'm not mistaken you can change the country via Impostah.

    Shipping costs will be discussed later on (because I don't know them now and I don't know if I have to pay customs duties if I have to ship it outside the EU).

    Once we have discussed the price, I wish a payment via Paypal. Thus you have to pay the fees, but you will be insured.

    PM me with your offers (please tell me your asking price in EUR!)!

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    Do you shipping to Vietnam? I will make a payment by Paypal

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    Do you shipping to Vietnam? I will make a payment by Paypal
    Yes, with DHL (40€ with a responsibility (don't know what it should be; I'm willing to find it out) or 62€ for fast shipment and cargo insurance up to 500€). Furthermore I have to write an email to our customs due to possible costums duties.

    Edit:// I got an answer from out costums. There won't be any costums duties.
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    If this fell through and you are still looking for a buyer give me a shout!

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