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    I have 2 separate bundles for sale here.


    HP Pre 2 (unlocked GSM) New in box, unused and in flawless condition. With 2 Touchstones.

    $180 + actual USPS shipping anywhere in the USA.


    HP Touchpad 32gb New in box, used for a few hours and in flawless condition. With leather carrying pouch (with space for a Mifi type device).

    $260 + actual USPS shipping to anywhere in the USA.

    These are the results of a failed attempt to sway my girlfriend from her iPhone4 + iPad combo. I am selling them for very close to the actual prices I paid for them, so I will not be matching the best of the 'firesale prices'. Sorry!

    Both would be available for local pickup anywhere in Manhattan or could be shipped with in 2 business days of receiving your paypal payment.

    Thanks for looking, please PM with any questions!

    Sorry for the typo in the thread title, the Touchpad DOES NOT include a touchstone dock. I was able to return the to HP for a full refund.
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    Your gf is nuts hahaha ultimate combo right here! glws
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    <<fixed title>>
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    Thanks for that!

    And she has her reasons, I have learned not to force solutions on people. The best device is the one someone wants in the end!
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    Touchpad + case is SOLD Thanks for all the interest!

    Pre 2 (unlocked) + 2 Touchstones is Still Available!!

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